Rodier's expertise has been gathered through years of experience catering for the needs of clients expecting to find pieces and styles that satisfy their tastes and desires, to keep up-to-date with the fashions, while keeping that classic touch. Rodier's expertise is demonstrated through its choice of threads, designs and sleeve and neckline finishes that form its signature style, in summer and winter alike, that are always made with commitment and loyalty to its DNA: cuts, quality, movement, comfort, colours.  

The women's collections feature:

  • More than 20 designs
  • More than 15 thread qualities
  • More than 11 stitches
  • More than 9 needles
  • More than 300 colours
  • More than 500 possible combinations

The men's collections feature:

  • More than 63 designs
  • More than 14 thread qualities
  • More than 40 stitches
  • More than 10 needles
  • More than 100 colours
  • More than 200 possible combinations

These figures are evidence of the infinite range created by Rodier's expertise, at the very heart of a French company standing strong for high quality and customer respect. Rodier demonstrates its capabilities in the variety of its offers. For example, the famous Rodier twin-set, a brand best-seller, has been offered in a selection of modernised threads over the course of the years: cotton, silk-cotton, wool and cashmere… It is a gift you can offer yourself, or your daughter, your relatives, all those whom you love to give them a little softness. It is available in 15 colours and comes in an organza silk pouch.

Rodier's expertise can be seen in the attention given to the finishes: caviar stitching, cable-stitching, shorter sleeve lengths, everything that makes a difference and makes Rodier the leading knitwear brand.