Rodier provides you with Personal Shopper services make shopping easier and better: A completely personalised shopping companion adapted to your tastes, styles, shape and budget.

How can I combine different items for different times in the day?
How can I wear this jumper to make it look smarter?
Which size should I take this cardigan in for a boyish look?
Which shoes and jumper should I wear with this mid-length skirt? 
Which colour is best suited to my complexion?

Contact us on +33 (0) 1 48 87 18 19 and make the most of our fashion
and knitwear experts' advice to optimise your style.   

You can also get in touch with our stores and
organise a meeting for an in-store personalised shopper.

Personal Shopper by Rodier: at the office, on the couch, in your nearest store,
at the times that suit you for a perfect shopping experience!