LTB Jeans is available exclusively in our Cannes and Paris Victor Hugo shops for a unique collaboration with the Maison Rodier.

As a brand of denim, LTB Jeans offers collections whose products appeal to all customer profiles in 71 countries worldwide.

His goal ? Reach every human being regardless of age, gender, or color.

LTB Jeans has a real know-how in denim, especially in women's jeans because they are perfectly cut and suitable for all body types. Our know-how are complementary.

LTB has a wide range of products covering t-shirts, shirts, skirts, suits, coats, pants, sportswear, shorts, belts, bags, hats and underwear, and of course jeans in different cuts that everyone of advantages : 


Skinny : Skinny jeans are skinier than skinny jeans. It's a bit like a second skin. His difference with slim jeans lies at the ankle. Indeed it is more tight down.
It highlights the long, thin legs. It is associated with a loose knit sweater, a blouse or a loose shirt. On the feet, we opt for a nice pair of shoes.

Slim : The skinny jeans is a fitting pants, straight and close to the body over the entire leg length but is less tight than skinny. Like the latter, it highlights the forms and must be worn with a less tight-fitting top.

Mom jeans : Its name comes from the fact that the young women who wore these jeans in the nineties are now mothers: these jeans through the ages!
A high waist, a rather larg pool, legs straight to tapered... here are the characteristics of the Mom jeans ..... which do not forgive if it is not accomaded to our advantage. A crop top knit sweater, a lace bustier or white sneakers or pumps and voila!white sneakers or shoes and that's it !

Flare : The flare jean has a cut that marks the hips and is straight at the thighs. It then flares up to the ankles to the point of hiding a large part of our shoes. The association with a knit sweater and boots is the perfect combo.

Straight : Basic and timeless, straight jeans are a must in the women's wardrobe. It has a close-fitting but not tight-fitting, it follows the lines of our hips without marking and is right along the entire length of the legs.


The denim pieces LTB Jeans are now available in our shops Rodier Cannes and Paris Victor Hugo. You can associate them without problems to the pieces of our Rodier collections. Indeed, jeans, jackets and shorts LTB Jeans will be perfect to accessorize your mesh according to your desires.

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