More than 20 shapes, 15 qualities of yarn, 11 stitches, 9 gauges, 500 possible combinations… And one passion: knit.

Since the House’s creation in 1852, the demand for quality knit has made the Rodier difference. Before embarking in the creation of collections, the Rodier family was first and foremost a supplier of quality knits for the biggest fashion houses. This demand of excellence from the family of weavers has been preserved and cultivated over the centuries, to end up fully expressing itself through the brand’s collections where everything from caviar stitch to cable knitting—while not forgetting openwork—attests to a passion for beautiful materials. 



Because above all else, Rodier is all about the love for knit: often misunderstood and judged too quickly, it unfolds in all its shades throughout the collections. 



The Rodier demand for excellence? To offer knit models that correspond to all tastes and colors. The choice of yarn, shapes, sleeve work, necklines… Rodier knitwear distinguishes itself by its touch of modernity while being resolutely timeless. The purpose of the pieces? Be able to renew while remaining classic.  



In winter, knit is soft, cuddly and comforting like a cocoon. In summer, it lightens up and brightens up in more vibrant collections. All with the ultimate ambition of creating original, comfortable and quality pieces with elegant lines and foolproof color.