At Rodier,

being fashionable is not only a passion; it’s a state of mind.


The French House specializing in knitwear was created in 1852

and now, over 167 years later, the Rodier House is established

as a modern and essential womenswear brand for today’s woman.


Because it is French : and that the disconcerting ability of the Parisian woman to pair timeless pieces with stronger cuts in order to express her personality still arouses admiration. The French style is knowing how to combine basic yet not boring pieces with unexpected touches. This is the very essence of the Rodier look: personality without eccentricity.

Because it is feminine and feminist : back at the launch of the company last century, Rodier was already celebrating women’s freedom of movement with clothes that were naturally elegant and easy to wear. Always having the woman’s body and her comfort at the heart of all our creations, Rodier is a brand with the idea of the woman who believes being both stylish and comfortable is entirely possible.

Because it is made to last : thanks to our specially selected and beautiful materials, our clothes do not fade. Cashmere, mohair, wool, merino wool, cotton, are available season after season for pieces that last through the years and in this way contribute to the preservation of the planet.  

Because it is classic yet trendy : in contrast to fads and the constant ups and downs in the fashion world, the Rodier collections are designed to bring renewed emphasis on our wardrobe basics. Placing your bets on a Rodier piece is a guarantee to never tire of it and to want to wear it season after season.

Because it is vintage : Rodier is the brand we’ve loved from our grandmothers’ closets. Knits that comfort and last through the years. Pieces that have a story to pass on.

Because it lives with us : much too often knit is associated with winter, but it is worn all year round. To warm up a light dress on a chilly summer’s night, over an evening gown, in total look for a total vintage silhouette…

Rodier is:

French excellence with a touch of modernity in each model.

It is a range of essentials that last a lifetime and get passed down from generation to generation.

It is a favorite brand, built with love, to be without appearing and seduce without cheating.