Who are we?

Six letters forming a magic word, an invitation to live a life of freedom.

Revival: An iconic brand is rediscovering its roots in the light of a new way of life, of unhindered fashion

Dare: Break away from the rules and trends to celebrate true style; stand up to the times and the words of others

Details: rolled edges to turtleneck collars, fitted shoulders to beautifully designed visible seams; little details that make a difference and testify to Rodier’s excellent expertise 

Timeless pieces: from the twin-set to the cardigan, from women to men; a true wardrobe of possibilities and desires for any season

Essentials: from morning till night, from the office to the weekend, jumper, gilet or twin-set; celebrate freedom in all forms

Highlights: more than 500 possibilities to life your life as comfortable as a Rodier knitwear; free and limitless. 

Three key words to share our desire to make the practical beautiful, fair products that make a difference.

2016 marks Rodier’s grand return! A smooth return true to the brand, keen to rediscover its DNA, while immersing itself in modern times, for today, for now and for always...

Digital!   New collections catering for modern, not seasonal desires.  A blog, profiles, personalised advise, delivery to you within 48 hours...

Knitwear!  Focus on Rodier expertise, its iconic jumpers inspired by a real way of life, its dresses that are the perfect accomplices to cardigans and large gilets, in a play of colors and al dente textures.

Price! The brand’s revival coincides with new pricing; more affordable, in line with the new Rodier easy-wear range. 

Rodier stands for the freedom of movement, along with the expertise that makes this French brand unique.

Rodier is about cuts, shapes and materials designed for daily life, for moving, travelling in all seasons, for warming up quickly in summer evenings and lightening up moods in winter.  It is signature knitwear combined with French expertise. 

With the famous twin-set, created in 1957, successful season after season, eternal and always modern, Rodier celebrates natural, supple elegance that remains timeless and resistant to the whims of fashion.  Rodier embodies French flair, adapted to the range with tasteful design and expertise, such as the cashmere, mohair, wool, merino and cotton creations, ambassadors of the brand, season after season.